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Student Att AIIT

Also the Institute endeavors to improve the Arabic language skill .
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Prince visited on 60 Years

On Friday, November 11, 2016, H.E. Prof. Dr. Sulaiman.
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The 88th Saudi National Day

 On the occasion of 25th September Tuesday, 2018, the 88th Kingdom..more

Major General Pilot Ali bin Mohammed

On Wednesday, 11, June, 2014, the commander of the Faculty of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Pilot Ali bin Mohammed bin El Shahrani a Saudi accompanied by the military attaché, Abd al-Rahaman al-Harbi, &a number of 16 students of the Air Force Academy of KSA visited the AII. They were all on their tour to Japan. They were welcomed by Dr. Naseer Al Omaim, the Director of the AII.

Visit to the AII by the Toyone Village

On Wednesday, 10, June, 2014, seven Toyone Village Councilors in Kita-Shitara Gun of Aichi Prefecture have paid a courtesy call to the Arabic Islamic Institute. Since the time of Aichi International Expo in 2005, the Toyone Village has had many exchange programs with KSA, and the number of those participants exceeded 1000. The Director of the AII, Dr. al-Umaim, had a talk with the group, in which he thanked all the efforts done for the ,