Educational programs

Full Year Courses :

Full Year Courses

Application for the second term of 2019 Arabic language Courses will begin July 8, 2019.

All of our courses will be held in Arabic language by instructors at native level. By teaching Arabic from the basic step, the goal of the academy is to let students acquire the modern standard Arabic language skill that is equivalent of middle school - high school level in Arab countries within 2 years curriculum.

The full year Arabic language courses consist of two semesters. The first term starting from April to August, and the second term from September to February the following year. One term is equal to 15 weeks (Admission during the middle of the semester is not accepted).


Daytime Course
Lesson days during the week 5 days (Monday - Friday)
Time 10: 00-14: 00
Lesson hours per week 20 hours
Lesson hours per semester 300 hours

Night Course
Lesson days during the week 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Time 18: 30-20: 30
Lesson hours per week 6 hours
Lesson hours per semester 90 hours

(The schedule may change slightly during Ramadhan etc.) the annual schedule is available here

- End-of-term Exam
By having more than 60% of attendance, you may attend to take the exam. By scoring 60 points or more for each exam (more than 4 subjects) is the passing grade and the applicants will advance to the next level in the following semester. After completing 4 levels / semesters (1200 hours daytime classes and 360 hours night classes) in 2 years, you will be graduated.

- Certificate of Completion
After completing daytime course of 1,200 hours and night course of 360 hours (until level 4) with passing grade, a diploma in the basic Arabic program (semi-diploma for the evening class) will be awarded by Imam University.

- Qualifications
Daytime course: Over 18 years of age with high school graduation.
Night course: Over 15 years of age with middle school graduation.

- Tuition
Enrollment/registration fee - Free
Text book subsidy fee - 25,000 yen each term
Note) Once you have registered and deposited the fee, we cannot refund it in case of cancellation.

- Registration
Students new to Arabic will be registered at level 1. However, students who have previously studied Arabic elsewhere will be tested with a level check test before starting the course and if they meet the criteria, they will be registered at level 2.

- Capacity
For both daytime/night course, the capacity is 30 students each class.